Cosmic Action Cards

Use these brilliantly colored 44 cards as a training tool to guide you into creating the desired life you dream of. The cards are filled with light-energy for you to begin your practice. Receive a colored cloth bag filled with 47 laminated cards. Three of which introduce and provide direction on how to add to your current practice. The main 44 cards are filled with brightly colored images and on the back side a different contemplation and meditation to learn and practice. As you study these models presented in each card, you can build upon them on your personal journey.

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**15% of the profits go back to the community of people living on the Andean mountains in respect for teaching me their ways of life which brought about these cards. **

Each card has its own unique contemplation and meditation. It is recommended to start at the beginning and travel through the cards in order as concepts build upon one another. After understanding the large picture it is recommenced you place them around the home as reminders or draw a random card each day to continue to build your personal practice of connection.

My dear friend, you are cosmic nobility and a divine being worthy of authentic connections for the good of all. May you be the shining-light for all to awaken and see their true potential.