Cosmic Action Cards 

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Cosmic Action cards put a modern twist on traditions of connecting to the Earth, Cosmos, and to authentic self.

Enhance & enrich your meditation practice by learning from indigenous cultures that promote wholeness, love, and life.
Make the choice to practice evoking heart energy in every present moment with:

Vibrant images stimulating playful imagination.
Thought-provoking contemplations expanding mindfulness.
Purpose filled actions creating a magical life.

These cards offer simple, playful, and inviting techniques that open a new doorway to experience authentic connections that will enhance your life.

         Begin your practice of Action Meditations and see 
                              your dreams come true!

Amanda's Heartfelt Appreciation To:
Don Americo and Gayle Yabar for their Peruvian cosmic guidance!
Tammy Vatta for being chief editor and her financial investment in the project!
Kevin Johnson for app development!
And to all my dear friends and family who were models for my photos!

Want to join the next meditation retreat in Peru? Let us know here!"Let your life be a work of art."
-Americo Yabar, founder of the Salka Poetic Movement