Coily ChildCare

Holistic, Enriching Child Care
& Parent Coach

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Specializing in Elementary School-Age Care and Summer Camps that are heart-centered & nature based.

As a Licensed Family Child Care Provider in Excelsior, MN your children are enriched with team games, artistic and musical projects, breath exercises, heart-centering activities, and school-work support.

Your children will enjoy a relaxing home setting that includes:
❖ Personalized care
❖ Small group of twelve or less children per day
❖ One acre of lush trees and grass in a fenced backyard
❖ Two extra spacious indoor rooms for large and small motor play activities
❖ Fresh fruit and veggie snacks served, bring a home lunch on full days
❖ Excelsior Elementary bus stop (must obtain valid bus pass) (COVID might impact this option, please inquire)

❖ Full day or half days available please inquire for current schedule
❖ Summer Camp 2022 weeks are available for signup today!

At COILY CARE we like to:
❖ Dig in the dirt to feel more grounded as well as learning to be in right relationship with the earth and each other.
❖ Grow emotional intelligence through activities that build heart, brain, and body coherence.
❖ Complete schoolwork which will allow more time for family fun when the children return home.
❖ Explore our senses with various art and music projects.
❖ Connect to our physical body by stretching, practicing yoga, and friendly meditations to experience peacefulness.
❖ Evoke curious minds by investigating topics of interest through research and practice to gain a new skill.

Now enrolling children between the ages of 4-12yrs for the spring and summer of 2022.
Amanda has a Masters in Human Development, through Saint Mary's University, specializing in Family Life Coaching and Developing Authentic Connections. Her quest for authenticity led her to study with indigenous mountain peoples. Amanda successfully captures their ancient, cosmic, yet profoundly simple means for deeper connections inside her programs. Amanda is a skilled  parent coach, meditation coach, and life coach. Her passion for having each person feel seen and heard is evident.

Amanda grew up being homeschooled into college and embraces the uniqueness of each child's learning and becoming an expert in a skill chosen by the learner. For her students, childcare, and coaching families, Amanda readily creates various ways of absorbing and integrating new information. Being seen and heard is essential for fostering innate curiosity and inner drive. With a Bachelors in Vocational Rehabilitation, Amanda works from a collaborative model. Her calm, playful, and active engagement will make any child feel right as rain.

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap, the job’s a game!”

A love from Mary Poppins

Amanda, Tammy (our substitute), and children

Reconnect your family for a peaceful and playful life

Team up with Amanda as your Parent Coach

Imagine feeling seen, heard, and valued for peace, calm and connection in your family!

To be SEEN & to be HEARD = A personal experiences of authentic VALUE. 

When a person can feel the mirrored effects of their true inner worth,
there is a light that is allowed to shine through the physical body like never before.
This experience may feel deeper than anything your body has ever felt. (No joke!)
It is a light of pure nobility!

What do I mean? 
It is being truthfully seen in your stillness and in your chaos.
Being truthfully heard in your silence and in your noise.
No gurus needed. Just a witness of our inner divine nature.
A freedom that is greater than all the riches of the world.
It is the soul being witnessed through the senses of the
physical body which brings a new definition of purpose for the day.

How curious are you to see the value of your life? 
Curiosity is a powerful subconscious tool, so use it!
We live in a world were we think we are being heard by expressing our opinions
and we strive to be seen by sharing our selfies.
But this is not the same.

Dear one, you are deeply needed on this planet for the light that is your real self. 
The time is now, to grab hands and stand together for the good of all in authentic connection!
Because, when you feel truthfully seen, heard, and valued then you will discover your own answers in ways never imagined before.
  • Excelsior, Minnesota, United States

#1 Coily Care, Family Child Care Admission form

Please complete for each child entering care. Print, sign, and bring.

#2 Coily Care Enrollment documents

Please complete these documents, print, sign, and bring. If you have more than one child entering Coily Care, print one copy and add all of the children to that one copy. Note, there are five forms within this one download that need to be completed.

#3 Coily Care Immunization Form

Please complete for each child or bring a copy from their records. Amanda is a notary if needed.

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