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The Practice

The PracticeThe Practice
Cosmic Action Meditation is a revolutionary practice, rooted in ancient traditions for modern living. It is a physical action paired with intent to connect to cosmic energy for the good of all.

What does COSMIC Mean?
Cosmic energy is everything, the universe, the all-good God, our holy mother, and beyond any name, dogma, or gender. It is the essence of pure light and love and beyond anything that we can point to. It doesn’t fit in a box. It cannot be tamed. It is energy that is dynamic, interactive, wildly free, and magical.

Connecting the physical and the energetic worlds creates a synergetic manifestation for dreams to come true. Abundance, a peaceful life, authentic love, is attainable inside this union. Action meditation enlivens and empowers intent and works for all ages and abilities. It is our human privilege to uniquely connect directly with the divine.

Without earthly action, our dreams are fantasies. Marrying our action with beautiful intent allows cosmic light to shine into and through your whole being. This creates a deeper connection to universal expansion and inner expansion. With divine intent, you elevate your physical action with your human body to expand into amazing results that you create from deep within.
Bringing earth to heaven and heaven to earth where it was meant to be inside your body, your mind, and your community.

Peru Adventure

Peru Adventure
Amanda first experienced Cosmic Action Meditation while in the Peruvian mountains. This photo was taken on a return trip to the heart of Peru where Amanda was able to present the Cosmic Action cards to the mountains, the rivers, and to connect even deeper with Cosmic energy. Together, Amanda worked with the natives to capture their true essence and way of life as they connect to the Cosmos for daily survival.

Cosmic Action Meditation does not use anything outside of self. No gurus, no heroes, neither ayahausca nor substances. Your body will make its own electro-magnetic and chemical experience that is perfect for you.
Everyone in our communities from the oldest to the youngest may enjoy Cosmic Action Meditation – a new way of living during these unknown times.

It is Amanda's mission to share these divinely crafted cards, which act as a doorway into your own personal relationship with cosmic energy. Going through the cards step by step will lead you to greater connections, deeper calm, and contagious playfulness.

Cosmic Action Cards 

Available for shipping or digital Android download

Cosmic Action cards put a modern twist on traditions of connecting to the Earth, Cosmos, and to authentic self.

Enhance & enrich your meditation practice by learning from indigenous cultures that promote wholeness, love, and life.
Make the choice to practice evoking heart energy in every present moment with:

Vibrant images stimulating playful imagination.
Thought-provoking contemplations expanding mindfulness.
Purpose filled actions creating a magical life.

These cards offer simple, playful, and inviting techniques that open a new doorway to experience authentic connections that will enhance your life.

         Begin your practice of Action Meditations and see 
                              your dreams come true!

Amanda's Heartfelt Appreciation To:
Don Americo and Gayle Yabar for their Peruvian cosmic guidance!
Tammy Vatta for being chief editor and her financial investment in the project!
Kevin Johnson for app development!
And to all my dear friends and family who were models for my photos!

Want to join the next meditation retreat in Peru? Let us know here!"Let your life be a work of art."
-Americo Yabar, founder of the Salka Poetic Movement 


Available for shipping or pickup now!


Cosmic Action Cards

Use these brilliantly colored 44 cards as a training tool to guide you into creating the desired life you dream of. The cards are filled with light-energy for you to begin your practice. Receive a colored cloth bag filled with 47 laminated cards. Three of which introduce and provide direction on how to add to your current practice. The main 44 cards are filled with brightly colored images and on the back side a different contemplation and meditation to learn and practice. As you study these models presented in each card, you can build upon them on your personal journey.


The Andean community

I humbly introduce to you the beautiful people living on top of the snow capped Ausangate Mountain and other surrounding mountains. They survive the dynamics of nature by connecting to cosmic-energy with each movement of their body.

One photo displays my fist time meeting them in 2019 and buying their hand-crafted weavings. The other photo shows the mighty mountain surrounded by clouds that are within reach. It is breathtaking to experience the palpable cosmic sky. Another photo is playful and filled with heart-centered-love for everyone!

15% of all profits go back to the community of people in respect for teaching me their ways of life which brought about these cards. A personal delivery will take place to provide school books, clothing, and other essentials for the children of the mountains.

Together we bless you with many flowers for all of your days!

A love from Mary Poppins

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game!”


Rhythm for your soul

Chakradance is one of Amanda's favorite modality's as it brings the element of playfulness to her practice of personal growth.

A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing and well-being. Move your chakras, change your life!

Chakradance will begin to activate inner experiences – it is almost like entering into a waking dream. Discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy, and the feeling of coming home.

Chakradance is designed for both beginners and regular Chakradance participants who are ready for deep inner transformational work.

These workshops begin with an introductory overview and goes on to explore the seven major chakras or energy centers, before concluding with an integration class. It combines free-form dance (with eyes closed), music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, and mandala art. It’s not about steps or performance; you dance with your eyes closed in a darkened room.

Amanda fell in love with Chakradance in 2016 which lead to her becoming a Certified Chakradance Facilitator in 2018. Check out her profile here. 

Click here to discover more about Chakradance and it's author Natalie Southgate. 

My heart sings with joy as I hold space in the energies for your personal discoveries!
Let's Dance! 



Amanda specializes in creating authentic connections within oneself, others, and families. Using a blend of brain science and practical application, Amanda’s methods quickly accelerate learning whereby her clients have real experiences of authenticity.

It is time to come home to the self, without idols, outside heroes or the need for approval. To build within the self a level of playfulness that transcends your past, illuminates your future, and is fully alive moment by moment. Her depth of inner-standing of what it means to be human provides a realization of personal growth, inspiration, and creativity that is profound.

Amanda’s journey has taken many roads through a high stress management job, raising two elementary age children, ending an abusive marriage, as well as a life threatening illness. Yet, her determination, playfulness, and ability to explore deeper areas of self acceptance, authentic connection, and self determination have empowered her to reach a pinnacle sense of love for the true essence of self.

Amanda is an inspiration to others and uniquely magnifies a peaceful essence for improving her community.


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